COROBOR’s field of activity include : 

  • Development of MESSIR software packages
  • Customisation of MESSIR software packages
  • Integration of hardware and software
  • “Turn-key" site installation
  • Training of users, technicians and administrators
  • Maintenance and customer support
  • Development of tailor-made software

In April 2002 COROBOR obtained the ISO 9001 certification for its Quality Management System, designed to ensure customer satisfaction.

COROBOR started 24 years ago as an independent company. Since 2014 COROBOR  is part of the English-American CAMPBELL SCIENTIFIC Company who also have significant activity in Meteorology, Aviation, Renewable Energy and Geotechnical markets.

CAMPBELL SCIENTIFIC product range includes meteorological sensors, data loggers and AWS. CAMPBELL SCIENTIFIC and COROBOR products perfectly complete each other.

This allows CAMPBELL SCIENTIFIC and COROBOR to propose to the meteorological community the only Industry Solution integrating measurement and data processing.