COROBOR is the only supplier of Meteorological Information Systems with a track record of more than 1400 systems, installed in more than 130 countries, with 24 years of field experience.

COROBOR is the only supplier offering such a rich product line to Met Services. Developed exclusively in house by COROBOR, it is consequently easy to customize to your exact needs. The MESSIR systems cover Telecoms, Databases, Data Processing, Forecasting, Climate Data Base, Aviation systems, Satellite systems, Web servers and Public / Media systems.

• It is widely acknowledge in the meteorological community that the MESSIR systems are the most user-friendly systems. Sophisticated systems tend to become difficult to use. At COROBOR, we pay attention to users' needs and users' real daily life. We keep our sophisticated and powerful systems easy-to-use and maintain.

• The reliability of MESSIR systems has been field-proven by thousands of users and meteorologists across the world. MESSIR systems operate reliably for years, often without the need for a single COROBOR support intervention.