To achieve its mission, each NMS requires 3 types of systems:

  • Observing systems, spread across the country

         Weather Stations (sensors), Weather Stations at Airports (AWOS)

         Weather radar, observations aloft by balloons ...

  • Information systems, servers, PCs, Weather Software for meteorological information acquisition, storage in databases, quality control, information processing, international distribution ...
  • Dissemination of information to professionals and the public

        Automatic creation of products for end-users, Web Portal,

        Television Movies, Meteorological Flight Folders for Aviation, Awareness maps

CAMPBELL Scientific proposes solutions for the first type of systems : Observation Systems. COROBOR proposes solutions for the 2 other sets. COROBOR Systems proposes the MESSIR family of systems:

  • MESSIR-WIS: WIS solution for your NC / DCPC / GISC, Metadata Management, WIS Web Portal
  • MESSIR-COMM: GTS Message Switching, Meteorological Telecommunications, Data Collection, GTS module of WIS
  • MESSIR-XBASE: Central Operational Database, Quality Control, Multiple Data Access Modes, WIS-Ready
  • MESSIR-VISION: Forecaster Workstations
  • MESSIR-AERO: SADIS / WIFS / WAFS Pilot Met Briefing
  • MESSIR-SAT: Satellite Imagery METEOSAT, MTSAT, GOES, EUMETCast, GEONETCast, Himawari
  • MESSIR-CLIM: Climate Database, Quality Control, Standard Reports, Graphical Products
  • MESSIR-NET: Meteorological Web Portal
  • MESSIR-MEDIA: Public Weather Services / TV / Media
  • MESSIR-NWP: Numerical Weather Prediction

Thanks to its site experience in systems integration, MESSIR software can receive/export data flow from/to third-party equipment including Satellite Reception, Radars, Observation systems, Detection Systems, Legacy systems, AFTN / AMHS system, NWP Clusters, Legacy Databases.

Main block diagram