Importance of Meteorology

Throughout its history, aviation has been dependent of meteorology. There have been technological advances of all kinds - better aircraft, improved air navigation systems and a systematic training programme pilots - but meteorology continues to be an essential element.

At each step of a flight, weather information and forecasting are essential components of aviation safety:

  • Before the flight, the observed or expected weather can lead to delay the flight, change route, cancel.
  • On take-off, the pilot must be informed of poor visibility on the runway, gust wind, wind shear, heavy precipitations...
  • On the flight path, the pilot must be informed in advance of the flight about turbulence areas, location cumulonimbus clusters, jets (strong wind), the risk of icing, volcanic ash, warnings issued by the national met services of the countries overflown during the flight
  • Before landing, the pilot must be informed of poor visibility, winds, wind shear, heavy precipitation...

A dedicated solution to local needs can be designed for each airport: international, national or military.

According to the size and the connections, this solution will include:

  • MESSIR-COMM for meteorological data ingestion, storage and dispatch
  • MESSIR-SAT for reception and processing of Satellite imagery
  • MESSIR-VISION forecaster’s workstation
  • MESSIR-AERO for Met Briefing of the pilots
  • MESSIR-NET aero Meteorological Web Portal for remote access to pilot met briefing
  • MESSIR-CLIM for the Airport climate database and production of Aerodrome climate summaries.

This solution can be connected with:

  • National Met Centre
  • AFTN (Aeronautical fixed telecommunication network) or AMHS (Air Traffic message handling system)
  • WAFC (world area forecast centres) of London and/or Washington through FTP server
  • Local AWOS (automated weather observing system)
  • GTS (global telecommunications system of the World Meteorological Organisation)

MESSIR systems provide the perfect answer to the special need of airports for easy-to-use, reliable and sustainable systems.

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