Over the past 20 years, media reports of climate issues have largely focused on global challenges, such as greenhouse gases or catastrophic storms like hurricanes Hugo, Mitch, Katrina…

Reliable climate information and data are necessary -directly or indirectly- to achieve sustainable economic advantages to many fields of activity.

There are many practical day-to-day uses for climate information. Some activities, like construction, aviation, and agriculture, are more sensitive. But at some level, almost everything depends upon the weather and, hence, climate. 

Every Meteorological Centre must be able to provide climate information, tailored to its customers and users needs.

MESSIR-CLIM is the solution! It has all the features needed. It is the perfect combination between speed and a large amount of information processed in different graphic forms. Climate tables, climate summaries and descriptive climate memoranda, all of these can be done by MESSIR-CLIM.

Full compliance with ICAO / WMO standards, TDCF and WIS migration

MESSIR-CLIM Workstation integrates a vast amount of information and displays:

  • Full-color historical and climate maps including averages, minima, maxima of any parameter selected
  • Upper air diagrams and ground plotting for any station in the database
  • Temperature, wind, pressure, rain, snow, fog – whatever statistics you need! 
  • You may create any combination of filtering parameters and create your own statistics

MESSIR-CLIM Highlights

MESSIR-CLIM ingests any meteorological information received in standard code forms. Starting with METAR and SYNOP data to the upper air information – TEMP – all can be processed using MESSIR-CLIM's user-friendly interface.

MESSIR-CLIM Database offers easy and fast access to a large amount of meteorological information.

MESSIR-CLIM can be customized to recover your legacy / history data of the last decades.

MESSIR-CLIM provides the following features:

  • Acquisition and storage of national observations
  • Importation and digitalization of archived observations data using entry forms
  • Quality control of data according to WMO standards and rules
  • Rich GUI for easy access to archived data
  • Web interface for remote users
  • Production of climate reports as graphics and text
  • Relational Database

Connectivity and data ingestion

MESSIR-CLIM can ingest and store a large range of meteorological data (text, binary, graphics, images…):

  • Data imported from existing in-house climate management system (CLICOM, CLIMSOFT for example)
  • Data as entered by the user through entry forms
  • GTS data in TAC or TDCF forms: SYNOP, METAR, TEMP, PILOT, BUOY, BUFR, GRIB…as received from MESSIR-COMM or in-house MSS
  • Data as collected from a network of automatic weather stations (AWS)

Quality Control

Each data about to enter the MESSIR-CLIM database is subject to various and throughout quality controls to maintain the overall consistency of the climate database:

  • Internal consistency quality controls
  • Temporal consistency quality controls
  • Spatial consistency quality controls

Quality Controls scope and tolerances are customizable by the system administrator. The data that does not pass the control is prompt to the operator that can apply the necessary corrections or reject the observation when necessary.

Large range of output products

MESSIR-CLIM allows for manual and automatic production of climatological reports and products:

  • Time series and bar charts
  • Wind roses
  • Month/hour charts
  • Area maps
  • Yearly books
  • Normals
  • Summaries
  • CLIMAT message