MESSIR-MEDIA is a complete professional weather solution for national meteorological centres and broadcasters around the world.

From presenters to meteorologists, designers and operators, MESSIR-MEDIA allows National MET Centres / TV to create their own weather report:

  • Graphical Environment for designing and producing weather reports for Media
  • Production of animated weather reports for the web, television and news agencies
  • Development of meteorological products and maps cards suitable for newspapers
  • Intuitive and easy handling. Can be used by non-specialist staff

MESSIR-MEDIA includes interactive displays of real-time graphics and can produce weather video clips ready to be distributed either by conventional TV channels or web TV.

MESSIR-MEDIA fits perfectly in the MESSIR Information System and thus has a huge database containing all the elements necessary for the development of detailed weather reports: observational data, model outputs, satellite images, radar images...

The most common application of meteorology is the weather forecasting for the public. Through the press, TV, or Internet every country has to broadcast by all possible means information about the expected weather.

Many National Meteorological Services need automated solutions able to created public-oriented products from raw data with minimum human intervention.

Modern technology allows for such solution: data from Satellite, NWP, GTS, or Observation system can now be directly processed by one system for designing daily a TV weather show: MESSIR-MEDIA.


MESSIR-MEDIA is a computerized system designed for the easy production of complete weather shows for television broadcast or producing companies and to generate weather images to use in other types of media (newspaper, web, mobile phone devices).

MESSIR-MEDIA offers, on a simple Windows-based PC, all the tools and functions necessary for the production, by a single operator, of an entire weather show.

Weather shows produced with MESSIR-MEDIA include self-produced charts, model charts, satellite images and 3D Fly for any region in the world and not just for your local area.

With MESSIR-MEDIA, only 30 minutes are necessary, from the very beginning of the production process until the effective on-air broadcast of the produced weather show, including 3D Fly rendering.

Despite the sophistication of the application and its final products, MESSIR-MEDIA is very user-friendly. All necessary functions are gathered on a single screen. The various menus are divided into entirely distinct units, giving users the possibility to modify their size and position on screen, in order to take best advantage of the numerous possibilities offered by MESSIR-MEDIA.

A weather show consists of a number of sequences, that display, in various ways, all the meteorological information required. The sequences can be static or animated, of 2 or 3-dimensions, or include imported items (pictures, avi, etc.).

In order to create a sequence, the user should first have a general perspective of what type of meteorological data he/she intends to use and how this information will be presented to the viewer. 

For a greater impact on the viewer, but with harder to analyse data, the 3-dimension sequence or 3D Flight, will be the most appropriate presentation. Viewers will be able to see the weather evolution from an aerial perspective, as if they were flying over the region of interest.

The powerful interactive display tools allow the user to show, in different ways, information for selected locations, storm tracking and other features. 

If there is a need for presenting the meteorological information for a specific area in a comprehensive way, the most indicated presentation is the 2-dimension sequence. 

Also, the user can draw different meteorological features and create forecasting products, overlay graphic data from different sources, based not only on meteorological observation reports but also on satellite imagery, Numerical Weather Products, etc. 

If the user considers that the Numerical Weather Products ingested do not accurately reflect the actual conditions, or if he just wants to modify the basic data, he can edit the models, by modifying the numeric values through a user friendly interface


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