Today, Meteorological Services have at their disposal “in-house” an ever growing amount of meteorological data and products, available from a wide variety of sources and in different formats: surface and upper-air observations, numerical weather predictions (models), satellite and radar imagery, forecasts… The challenge is to add value to this amount of meteorological information by bringing it to the end-users and end-customers, inside and outside the premises of the Meteorological Service. MESSIR-NET is a versatile Web Portal allowing you to meet this challenge. 

The combination of Internet technologies and MESSIR-NET allows your Meteorological Service to provide in real-time forecasts and products for public or private users through the web. For instance, airline operators and pilots can download their meteorological briefing from their place. OPMET, satellite & radar imagery, plotting data can be displayed on an internal website, allowing remote users/forecasters to access to real-time meteorological information.

MESSIR-NET Highlights

MESSIR-NET allows your Meteorological Service to publish MET information and products on the Internet/Intranet and to offer the latest meteorological information to a wide range of users including institutional users as well as private users.

The products published on MESSIR-NET can be either freely accessed by the general public or reserved to paying customers.

The range of products which can be proposed on-line by MESSIR-NET covers the basic needs like main cities temperature forecast to the most elaborated and specialized products like complete Flight Folder dedicated to airline pilots.

MESSIR-NET is a fully dynamic and automated Web Portal: without any human intervention, data are acquired from data sources (ex: Satellite Imagery), quality controlled, filtered, customized (ex: adequate area) and then put at users disposal. MESSIR-NET guarantees that your end users and customers will be informed without any bottleneck.       

MESSIR-NET is a dynamic Web Portal that uses the latest web technologies such as Apache, Tomcat, J2EE, Ajax…

MESSIR-NET is AUTOMATICALLY updated in real-time with fresh met data received from various sources including the MESSIR-COMM Message Switching System. Internet users can view on line all this fresh data including text observations and forecasts, GRIB-coded NWP models, satellite and radar images, home-made charts, pilot briefing... MESSIR-NET data can be accessed from any workstation that has an Internet browser connected to the Internet (or via Intranet)

  • National / regional maps, weather conditions and forecasts
  • Aviation products: ICAO Annex 3 compliant comprehensive Meteorological Flight Folders produced as PDF with only 1 click, OPMET aeronautical information METAR, TAF, aviation warnings displayed as charts or as text, SIGWX BUFR, Wind-temperature charts and upper air section tailored to flight route
  • Publication of Met products as received or customized / adapted / produced by local meteorologists
  • Point forecast, Time series…
  • Met data query forms for interactive access to Met data by users
  • Data ingestion and processing is performed as a background task
  • Customizable update period of the Met products available online
  • Request forms are available to the remote users in order to generate customized maps using specific display parameters: NWP chart, model run, validity, meteorological parameter, geographical area, projection type…
  • Display and animation of satellite, radar and lightning products