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Weather has an impact on most of human activities as transportation, construction, military activities, agriculture, and fishing. Favourable weather may boost agricultural production while severe weather may disrupt transport, construction, military activities and even endanger human life, property and natural resources

Accurate weather forecasting improves human life, property and natural resources protection.

Weather forecasters are professionals who prepare accurate weather predictions, issue warnings about severe conditions and anticipate day-to-day variations. To perform this duty, a weather forecaster needs a forecaster workstation including a powerful software.


MESSIR-VISION is a sophisticated software, running on a standard Windows PC, which may include up to 4 screens. MESSIR-VISION integrates into one compact system all data needed for weather forecasting: surface and upper-air observations, numerical weather predictions (models), satellite and radar imagery...

MESSIR-VISION software allows the most demanding Forecasting Centres to:

    • Acquire real-time data and products from various data sources
    • Store these data online to keep them at the immediate disposal of Forecasters
    • Provide Forecasters with a rich set of on-screen tools to produce forecasts, issue warnings and make decisions
    • Disseminate forecasts / warnings to users.


MESSIR-VISION Main Functions

MESSIR-VISION software tools allow to display, manipulate and combine all the available data and products, make decisions and produce outputs such as maps and forecasts:

  • Surface and upper-air observation plots and analysis maps
  • Charts of NWP model outputs from various origins and types: UK Met Office, ECMWF, Offenbach, Washington, Meteo-France, Arome, Aladin, Hirlam, WRF, MM5, ETA, PUM…
  • Global and Mesoscale NWP model charts
  • Aviation charts such as SIGWX, Wind-temp, …
  • Satellite imagery
  • Weather radar images, Lightning data, Wind-shear alert data
  • Integration, Overlay, Animation, Filtering of the above data types
  • Chart production
  • Multi-Windows, Macro-commands
  • Export of data and products


  • Compliance with WMO standards: WMO Manual No. 306 -Manual on Codes
  • Can get data from third-party systems as Network of AWS, radio-sonde, weather radar…
  • Compatible with BUFR and PNG/T4 coding of aviation charts such as SIGWX, Wind-temp, …
  • Compatible with TAC as well as TDCF/BUFR format (SYNOP, SHIP, CLIMAT, TEMP, PILOT, TAF, METAR/SPECI, AIREP, AMDAR...)
  • Data plotting: surface / upper air, isolining (with on-screen modification), colour shading, objective analysis, time-series, air masses, overlay with satellite images
  • Various NWP model outputs supported formats: GRIB1, GRIB2, NetCDF
  • Global as well as high-resolution LAM numerical models
  • Display, animate, overlay the various parameters (wind, temperature, pressure, humidity, marine...) from NWP models
  • Combine and create new NWP parameters (formula)
  • Display models in contours, streamlines, values, colour shading, sections, 3D
  • Cross-sections
  • Particle trajectories
  • Various projections: cylindrical, stereographic, Mercator…
  • Data monitoring and visual alerting
  • METAR/TAF comparison
  • Tactical Decision Aid (TDA) display for Armed Forces missions planning: Wind Chill, Heat Stress, user-defined scenarios…
  •  “On-screen” production of SIGWX charts, with possibility to integrate and rework BUFR data originating from WAFS
  • “On-screen” production of analysis and forecast analysis charts using a comprehensive range of meteorological symbols
  • Integrated map generator to create your own map backgrounds
  • Macro-commands: display all the data needed on a routine daily basis with three clicks only
  • Replay archived weather situation for training purpose
  • Image and product export in various formats: JPEG, TIFF, WMF, PDF, XML …
  • Automatic creation and export of routine charts, according to user-defined schedule, via the MESSIR-ImageMaker module
  • Export to NATO formats (METGM,METCM…)


  • Large field experience, Great Reputation: MESSIR-VISION has numerous references worldwide in various environments (Met Services, Army, Aviation). 500 MESSIR-VISION systems have been installed in 100 countries.
  • Ease of use: MESSIR-VISION is very easy to use. A forecaster (or other user) is familiar with MESSIR-VISION after only one hour practice. Users may learn MESSIR-VISION just by sitting in front of their monitor, pointing and clicking and navigating through menus.
  • Flexibility: Forecasting Centres have similar needs, but specific requests may arise, due to history, technical environment and user habits. MESSIR-VISION is a flexible system which can be adapted to your specific context, specific data sources and specific data formats.
  • Power: Stunning response times to display, analyze, overlay, and create meteorological products. High volumes of data can be processed.
  • Scalability: MESSIR-VISION is available in a light “stand-alone” configuration made of a simple PC connected to a data source. MESSIR-VISION is also available in powerful client / server configurations made of central duplicated Servers and dozens of clients. In that case MESSIR-VISION can be ideally completed with other COROBOR Products as MESSIR-WIS, MESSIR-COMM, MESSIR-XBASE, MESSIR-NET.

Basic Configuration

Extended Configuration