All data collected by MESSIR-COMM must be available in real time to forecasters and meteorologists.

It is therefore necessary to have a database to centralize all collected national data, the weather forecasts produced by the meteorologists and all global weather data received from international subscribers as well as from satellite-based data dissemination systems.

To meet these requirements, each National Weather Service requires a Met Data Centre to secure and sustain the available weather information. The Met Data Centre must assure the integrity of all collected data and data produced by the National Weather Service, their immediate availability to users and third party applications.

MESSIR-XBASE fulfils this role of Met Data Centre by offering the following functions:

  • Centralization of all collected meteorological data
  • Centralization of the products and forecasts elaborated by the forecasters and climatologists
  • Relational database serving client systems with meteorological data
  • Hierarchical data storage management
  • Quality control
  • Programmatic Data Access Interface (API)

MESSIR-XBASE enforces the sustainability of the stored data and high added value products and forecasts elaborated by the National Met Service.

The hierarchical data storage allows automatic transfer of data from the "Production" database to the "long term" database according to their criticality and their characteristics, while making them available to users' queries.

Quality Control

In order to build a comprehensive and reliable central operational database, all ingested data must be deeply quality controlled before entering the database.

The data ingested by MESSIR-XBASE goes through configurable quality control procedures:

  • Basic and advanced checks

   o   Level 1 : in abbreviated heading

   o   Level 2 : in abbreviated heading + report station identification

   o   Level 3 : in abbreviated heading + report station identification + report

  • Dubious, consistency and range checks

   o   The parameters consistency and values are checked

Data post processing

MESSIR-XBASE allows for data post processing:

  • Automatic production of meteorological products, reports and maps/images
  • Easy set-up of production scheduling
  • Automatic production triggered on time and/or data arrival
  • Visual monitoring of production tasks

Multiple Data Access Modes

Database will not be available only to operators and supervisors doing some request using supervision menu, it will also be available to external users and applications that needs meteorological data extracted from the database.

MESSIR-XBASE provides various access modes to the database:

  • Ability to query the database using SQL scripts
  • Possibility to query the database programmatically
  • Data Access Layer Web Service. HTTP REST (Representational State Transfer) requests posted to DAL (Data Access Layer) Web Service
  • Scheduling of database queries to feed external systems with formatted (XML, CSV…) meteorological data reports